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Contract HR Recruitment

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Contract HR recruitment

The world is an uncertain place right now. Goal posts are being moved and it can be challenging to preempt what the next 3, 6, 9 months will hold. It feels like there’s lots outside of your control.

That’s often hard to accept.

You recognise that there’s a need in your business for HR. Afterall, if you’re feeling the impact of the uncertainty, you can guarantee that your employees are too.

Leveraging the services of an interim HR professional for a short-to-medium period of time has significant benefits.

Contract HR Recruitment

Maybe you’re looking to ‘try before you buy’ and want to test-run an HR hire before committing to a permanent team member. That makes sense.

Or maybe you’re ‘bridging the gap’ between an HR professional returning from a period of leave (parental, bereavement or perhaps a sabbatical…) Or you’re awaiting the start of a permanent hire with an extended notice period.

All great reasons to lean on a flexible, quick and reliable interim HR resource.

Features you'll love

Immediate start dates

Benefit from specialist HR expertise immediately by hiring a ‘ready now’ interim professional on a day rate or fixed term contract.

Ultimate flexibility

Respond efficiently to business demands by utilising the expertise of a contractor to support priority projects and periods of leave.

IR35 compliant

Leverage the value of interim support without the headache of worrying about IR35 compliance. We take care of all IR35 compliance work.

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Additional Services

Talent Assessor

Objectively select the best shortlisted candidate with our ‘BeTalent’ accredited assessments. The best way to get maximum confidence in your hiring decision.



Become a master of efficiency by combining multiple hires into a bespoke project that’s tailored to the needs of your business.

Payroll & Candidate


You can be confident that your day rate contractors have all the checks-and-balances in place to deliver interim services for your business.

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