Payroll & Candidate Management

The risk-free way of enjoying the benefits of day-rate HR contractors in your business.

Payroll & Candidate Management

You want to hire an interim HR professional. You’ve even found the person you want to recruit. In turn, this person also wants to work for you. Success! The hard part should be over…

But, if you’re someone who’s unfamiliar with drafting Interim Service Contracts and/or managing the payroll of your day-rate candidate, you’d be forgiven for feeling slightly apprehensive about the next steps.

Perhaps you’re worried about the implications of IR35? Let’s be honest… who hasn’t scratched their head about that one!

Let us guide you through the process and ensure you’re able to enjoy the benefits of your temporary HR hire. Safe in the knowledge that all the required checks-and-balances are in place.

Payroll & Candidate Management

Features you'll love

Contract writing & management

Avoid the headache of compiling your business’s Contract of Services and the Assignment Schedule for your new interim worker(s).

Contractor payroll & support services

Enjoy the services of your contractors whilst benefiting from fully outsourced time-sheeting, payroll services and support.


Leverage the value of interim support without the headache of worrying about IR35 compliance. Leave that part to us.

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HR Recruitment

Invest in the long-term success of your people function by hiring a permanent HR professional to nurture and respond to the needs of your workforce.


HR Recruitment

Leverage the experience of an interim HR professional to inject their expertise when it’s most needed and provide you with ultimate flexibility.

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Ensure the success of your people function by outsourcing HR core projects to experienced specialist, transformational HR consultants, with an excellent track record.

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