HR Projects & Consultancy

Helping you deliver high impact people strategies in response to the changing nature of the workplace.

HR Projects & Consultancy

Being responsible for the happiness and performance of your workforce is no mean feat. You have an opportunity to make a huge difference to the bottom line of your business, and the lives of the people you employ.

A pretty purposeful driver when you have the bandwidth and expertise to deliver…

But not all of us do.

The changing nature of the modern workplace requires us to be more agile and responsive than ever. 

As businesses we are now having to:

  • Provide more flexible work environments
  • Undertake an increasing number of risk assessments
  • Up our game with health and safety
  • Rewrite irrelevant people policies
  • Be more mindful of mental health and wellbeing
  • And ensure we’re creating an inclusive environment for our entire workforce.

That’s a lot to have on your plate. In fact, you’d probably need a banquet platter to shoulder all of those priorities.

Leaning on the expertise of an HR Consultant to help you make sense of your key priorities is a good place to start. Together, we can follow a process that will help you achieve your people objectives.


Features you'll love


Gain an objective overview of your key HR projects before undertaking any change.


Benefit from the vast experience of our Accredited Peeqers to help you reach your HR goals.

Full project management

Ensure HR project success with our ‘Discovery, Design and Delivery’ process.

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Book a FREE coaching consultation to discuss your options

Still undecided about whether you should use an HR recruitment agency or do it yourself? Book a free HR coaching consultation with a member of the team to help weigh up your options.

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Additional Services

Talent Assessor

Objectively select the best shortlisted candidate with our ‘BeTalent’ accredited assessments. The best way to get maximum confidence in your hiring decision.



Become a master of efficiency by combining multiple hires into a bespoke project that’s tailored to the needs of your business.

Payroll & Candidate


You can be confident that your day rate contractors have all the checks-and-balances in place to deliver interim services for your business.

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