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Boutique HR recruitment agency based in London

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Hi, we’re Peeq; a husband and wife led business that helps leaders create amazing places to work through impactful HR recruitment.

We partner with growth businesses to help them achieve their goals by hiring the right HR talent, into the right roles, at the right time.

We take away the headache of needing to create detailed job descriptions, marketing your role, dealing with hundreds of applications and screening candidates to work out who is the best fit. This is the stuff we live and breathe.

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For our HR and talent acquisition candidates, our promise to you is that we will treat you as an individual, not a commodity, and do our best to add value to your job search in whatever way we can.

What makes us different

92% fill rate

We’re incredibly proud of our 92% fill rate which is almost twice the industry average.

Transparent pricing

Unlike most other recruitment agencies we publish our fees on our website. We believe that honesty is always the best policy.

No employees

We have built our business on equality and fairness which is why our Associate HR Recruiters (our Peeqers) are all self-employed freelancers. They are also the ‘secret sauce’ behind our high fill rate. Like us, they get paid for delivering which makes them incredibly TENACIOUS!

I have always found Mark to be a very decent human being as well as a great sounding wall. He actively takes an interest in you as an individual and provides really honest, helpful and constructive feedback. In an environment where recruiters are increasingly detached from potential candidates it is great to see how Mark, and Peeq in general, take a more personal and caring approach to working with their candidates and establishing a meaningful relationship.
Alex Bonnor-Moris
Head of People
Katie and Mark from Peeq are an amazing team, couldn't thank them or recommend them enough. We had a truly great experience, with them not only taking their time to understand our company's needs, who we are, and how we worked, but also delivering! Best recruiters hands down.
Angus Griffin
Business Owner
It has been a pleasure working with Sonay over the last week. Her professionalism and communication has been most appreciated with regular updates and her support in successfully securing my next assignment. I sincerely do hope we can continue to work together on future opportunities. Thank you Sonay.
Baljit Thandi
HR Consultant
PEEQ is simply fantastic! Mark in particular (Co-Owner/Founder) has been such a pleasure to work with and always thinking about the candidate experience and showing true empathy throughout our time working together. Although I did not get the role we had been working on, the feedback loop and care that went into every process was much appreciated.
Bjorn Anderson
Global Talent Acquisition Leader
I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Mark and Katie on a number of people, workplace, and resilience initiatives. They are extremely experienced, highly client focused and a positive team. I find it inspiring to see the impact they're having in the HR and recruitment space. But this should be no surprise given their dedication to their clients and projects. I can't recommend them enough.
Cecilia Shandeva
Learning and Development Specialist
I’ve worked with Mark and Katie for a number of years and have always been impressed with their honesty, innovation and professionalism. It’s rare to find individuals who go above and beyond to collaborate and bring people together without any hidden agendas - they simply have a passion for what they do and deliver it beautifully! I can’t wait to work with them again in the future!
Charlotte Kao
Head of Talent and Performance
Sarah at Peeq was a breath of fresh air. She took time to understand my CV and experience behind it. She really appreciated the transferable skills I had to offer. This experience was different from a good number of other agencies I encountered on my job search, who didn’t take the time to understand me and what I had to offer, and merely looked at suitable positions based on a ‘cookie cutter’ approach of what job I had should match opportunities available. Sarah kept me fully informed and prepared me as much as possible for the interview. Peeq have truly been a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate recommending Peeq based on my experience with Sarah.
Eve Clennell
HR Leader
Amazingly helpful call with Mark Barnicoat from Peeq this morning. He is genuinely engaging, thoughtful and very generous with sharing tips and insights to make job searches more productive. I'd highly recommend connecting with him whether you are a talent manager or a job seeker in the HR space!
Janine Nieuwoudt
HR Director
Katie and Mark. Building on the lifetimes expertise and commitment you both share to the profession at a corporate and an individual level I cannot wait to see the innovation you will bring to recruitment, HR consulting and candidate success. I look forward to working with you in your new venture.
Jeannine Mortlock
Managing Director
Marks advice was spot on - not only did he focus on what I have achieved and how to make this stand out more but also who I am and what makes 'me me' which was missing on my LinkedIn page. The PERSON behind the roles. Sharing thoughts on my resume, AI tools, search engine tips and posts to lift my profile. An honest conversation about the market and as always, the importance of networking. The conversation was a joy, I learned a great deal in 30 minutes and have walked away with something very tangible which I know will help ME. The value went way beyond 'finding a role'. Without a doubt – fantastic.
Jill Freestone
Head of HR / HR Consultant
Mark has consistently delivered on a number of high profile recruitment projects for me. He understands the market, is incredibly well networked and is solutions oriented. Currently I am seeking a new role and Mark has given me some invaluable advice on increasing my personal activity on LinkedIn, as well as improving my personal profile. Thanks Mark for everything! Looking forward to working more together in the future.
Jo Bricoe
Group Head of Talent
Mark has consistently delivered on a number of high profile recruitment projects for me. He understands the market, is incredibly well networked and is solutions oriented. Currently I am seeking a new role and Mark has given me some invaluable advice on increasing my personal activity on LinkedIn, as well as improving my personal profile. Thanks Mark for everything! Looking forward to working more together in the future.
Jo-Anne Watermeyer
Leadership Coach
Peeq is certainly the people specialist team to watch! Having worked with Katie in the past I found her to be collaborative, innovative and a delight to interact with. Katie Barnicoat is a proficient and effective professional and I wish her every success with her new venture.
Jo-Anne Watermeyer
Leadership Coach
Right from the word go Mark was extremely responsive, engaging, personable and professional. He took time to get to know me, kept in regular contact and found just the right balance of coaching, to help me focus, whilst allowing me the time and space to make the right decision for me and not just for him to fill the role. It was great working with Mark on my job search and he definitely joins the small pool of search professionals who I will keep in contact with long term. Thank you Mark and Peeq, I’m so glad we are connected not to mention delighted with my new role!
Kate Henwood
People Director
The team at Peeq excel at what they do and would be my go-to port of call for any HR talent acquisition needs. They always take the time to really understand not just my role(s) but my organisation's culture, and the way they manage candidates through the process is outstanding. I got to experience the innovative way they use media to showcase opportunities which clearly worked from an attraction point of view and helped to project our company culture and brand. A great partner for me and my business!!!
Lee Burrows
Chief People Officer
It was refreshing to talk to a recruiter who was happy to spend time with me as a candidate to fully understand what I am looking for in a role and, who was happy to provide some top tips in terms of my CV and LinkedIn profile. I would certainly recommend Peeq to both candidates and anyone looking to find top class candidates in the HR space.
Lesley Dray
Head of HR
Really insightful, informative and beneficial connection call with Mark - definitely have a strong sense of Peeq being a great partner in the talent world. Thank you!
Liese Lord
HR Director
If I could give Peeq more stars I would. From the initial stages through to the end of a hire process Katie & Mark have been nothing but absolutely brilliant. They're personable, informative, positive and really great at giving advice. I actually looked forward to hearing from them throughout my process. Whether I was or wasn't successful I'd have left 5 stars either way. Luckily for me I was successful and it was the best experience I have ever had. I also understand from my new employer that they regularly use Peeq and have a great relationship. Thank you for everything, Katie & Mark.
Marc Nixon
Senior Reward Specialist
I worked with Sonay from Peeq as a candidate for a HR/People role. From the start, Sonay was extremely professional, helpful and kept me informed at every stage of the process. She checked in with me throughout to make sure that the role was right for me and always asked for my feedback and questions. I found Sonay and Peeq extremely easy to work with from a candidate perspective and won’t hesitate to use them from a recruiter perspective too.
Mark Shrimpton
Chief People Officer
Still smiling from my conversation with Mark. If you plan to spend 30 minutes with someone in this field, make sure it's Mark. From the short video ahead of the call, to the flow of the conversation, the experience definitely exceeded my expectations. Thanks Mark for you professionalism, expertise and your guidance! Couldn't have asked for more.
Monika Michaliszyn
VP Human Resources
I found Katie from Peeq amazing to deal with from a candidate point of view. She was very professional and found me an amazing 3 month FTC contract. I would advise anyone to register with Peeq as you will get good quality service and great work opportunities. Highly recommend.
Neeru Verma
Head of HR
Having worked with Katie on HR projects I was very impressed as to the how professional and responsive Katie was. It was a pleasure to work with her and look forward to doing so again.
Paulette Bushay
Learning and OD Professional
I am a Chief People Officer with over 20 years’ experience in global roles, and I can honestly say that Mark at PEEQ is simply the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with. He manages to strike a rare balance of support and guidance for the client and the candidate. Mark has exceptional coaching skills, guiding his clients to get crystal clear on the skills and attributes they most need – whilst coaching the candidate throughout the process, empowering them to deliver their best. He expertly leads the recruitment journey, ensuring it is grounded in transparency, respect, inclusion, development and fairness. I would wholeheartedly recommend PEEQ – to business leaders and any candidate looking for their next role - the world needs more recruitment specialists like this.
Rudi Symons
Global Director of Inclusion and Diversity
Anna helped me find a great role and guided me along the way with interview preparation etc. I highly recommend working with Peeq.
Sarah Foll
Global Head of L&D
Had a great call with Mark from Peeq. As a HR professional with 12 year’s experience, I have never been given such honest and helpful advice, especially on building my professional presence on LinkedIn. Even if you are not actively looking for a role, I think everyone would benefit from connecting with Mark, he provides some helpful tips and insights which go beyond finding a role… 30 minutes well spent on helping to grow your career.
Sonal Patel
Global People Operations Manager
The team at Peeq have been nothing short of amazing from start to finish! I had an amazing experience with Lucy who kept me informed at all times with regards to my interview process and really took the time to get to know me as an individual and understand what my ambitions were when looking at the next step in my career. The team were extremely professional yet personable and have since kept in contact 6 months on, which I thoroughly appreciate. Thank you again Peeq for the support in securing me a great new permanent role.
Sophie Dos Santos
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Sonay really invested time in establishing a genuine connection and understanding not only what I as a candidate was looking for but effectively communicating how her client operates and what qualities they value in a candidate. Sonay stayed close to me throughout the process, and supported me with any questions. This has been the best experience I have gone through as a candidate. Thank you so much for everything. Your efforts in going above and beyond have not gone unnoticed.
Sophie Kumar
HR Business Partner
The Peeq team are amazing. Mark provided brilliant stand out tips, advice and insights in our session which have been extremely helpful. It was so great to connect with Mark. I found our conversation very useful and beneficial. It was focused as well as tailored to suit. This is such a fantastic offer for HR professionals to tap into and one to not be missed. It's highly recommended you take on this offer and connect with Mark. It will certainly help to boost your career goals.
Stephanie Idusogie
Global HR Leader
I cannot thank Peeq (especially Anna) enough for my recent experience with them securing my new role. They are incredibly professional, personable and excellent communication, certainly, one of the best recruitment professionals I have ever worked with, addition to this they sent me a wonderful 'congratulations' gift just before I started with my new firm - a real personal touch.
Stuart Jordan
People Lead Manager
I have been very impressed in all my dealings with PEEQ - most amount of value add I ever seen from a recruiter/head hunter agency - and you were a pleasure to work with to boot! Thanks for getting us there.
Thomas Granier
I am an experienced TA professional and like many others have been impacted through the redundancy. Mark made time to speak with me to share some guidance and very useful suggestions around my job search, optimising my LinkedIn profile and network. It was refreshing to be able to have a genuine, transparent conversation and I gained some valuable insights.
Tulika Balachander
Talent Acquisition Leader
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Meet our Peeqers

Katie Barnicoat

Katie Barnicoat

Co-Founder and Operations Director

Barley Barnicoat


Chief Happiness Officer

Mark Barnicoat

Mark Barnicoat

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Sonay Suavi

Sonay Suavi

Associate HR Recruiter

Anna Davies

Anna Davies

Associate HR Recruiter

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson

Associate HR Recruiter

Our Story

In 2004 Peeq’s Co-Founder, Mark Barnicoat, launched Oasis HR with his former business partner. Mark had previously spent five years working in the world of recruitment and, driven by a desire to build an agency where relationships were central to success, found his spiritual recruiting home in the world of HR.

Initially focused on hiring Talent Acquisition professionals, it wasn’t long before Oasis HR transitioned to recruiting across the full spectrum of HR. Over the 15 years the business traded, Mark built a strong network within the HR space, helped Oasis HR win numerous awards, chaired many HR events and enjoyed honing his recruitment skills.

Key amongst these achievements was placing numerous HR professionals into great roles – many of which are still with the same businesses today!

In 2011 Mark made Oasis HR’s first Marketing hire, Katie Barnicoat, with whom he Co-Founded Peeq and shares his life with outside of work. Together they co-parent their four children in a blended family dynamic and spend much of their free time chasing after their energetic springer spaniel, Barley.

Over Katie’s nine years with Oasis HR, she progressed into a Communications Director role, overseeing all things marketing and ops. Most notably, Katie was instrumental in running Oasis’ well regarded HR Think Tank Series community.

about peeq
about peeq
about PEEQ

In 2020, the pandemic stretched Oasis HR to breaking point and despite the best efforts of all on the ground, the business folded in November of that year. Both Katie and Mark, along with Oasis’ remaining employees, lost their jobs and faced the daunting prospect of providing for their family with both their incomes wiped out simultaneously.

With the support of loved ones, an incredibly loyal client base, invaluable advice from key industry contacts and some rockstar Associates, Peeq was born.

December 2020 marked Peeq’s first placement and the start of what’s been an amazing journey. A hybrid recruitment model that focuses entirely on output rather than input.

No employed recruiters, no KPIs, no cold calling, no unnecessary meetings and no pointless data entry.

A business built on equality, partnerships, trust and respect.

An HR recruitment agency minus the bulls**t.

You’re twice as likely to make an HR hire if you choose Peeq. Yes you read that right!

Why? Two reasons. Firstly, we only partner with our clients on an exclusive basis so we ‘own the problem’. Secondly, we don’t employ recruiters.

What we do is work with highly experienced freelance HR recruiters, our Associates, to hire for our clients. We give them the tools and infrastructure to be successful, and the rest is down to their magic and expertise.

Our Associates are not employed by us and only get paid for making a successful hire. This makes them incredibly tenacious and committed to finding the best talent. It’s for this reason that our fill rate sits above 90%, compared to the industry average of 46%.

If you’re ready to hire into your HR team and you like the sound of our approach, then we’d love to hear from you
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