Case Study: Ebiquity

Recruiting 4 Key HR Roles for Ebiquity.


With four HR vacancies to fill and a surprise resignation from their existing Chief People Officer, Ebiquity needed a solution that would help them recruit exceptional HR candidates, fast.

At the start of a large-scale HR transformation, making the right hires to align their people strategy with their new company vision was top priority.

Ebiquity needed to replace their Talent Acquisition function and hire two further professionals to lead Learning and Development, and partner with the business on all things ‘people’.

Peeqs multi-hire recruitment offering seemed like the perfect solution and enabled Ebiquity to make all four hires with an average time to fill of 35.5 working days.

Ebiquity was offered a reduced fee (due to the repeat business) and benefited from only having to deal with one recruitment agency…

Fragmented conversations, repeat briefings and disjointed processes were all eliminated.

The result was four successful hires over a period of 5.5 months. 

Project Overview

HR Recruitment Agency London, ebiquity

Company Profile

Marketing Consultancy

Company Size: 
650+ employees


About Ebiquity

Ebiquity is the world leader in media investment analysis. They use data to provide independent, fact-based advice, enabling brand owners to fine-tune media investment decisions and improve business outcomes.

Client Contact:

Chief People Officer

Positions being Hired:

  • Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Head of Talent Acquisition
  • Senior Human Resources Business Partner
  • Head of Learning & Development

Solution Provided:


In 2022, Ebiquity identified four HR hires that needed to be made in a relatively short space of time.

  • 1 x Talent Acquisition Specialist (reporting into the position being recruited below)
  • 1 x Head of Talent Acquisition
  • 1 x Senior Human Resources Business Partner
  • 1 x Head of Learning & Development

These hires were a mix of two ‘backfills’ and two newly created roles to help support Ebiquity’s large-scale transformation.

The new hires enabled Ebiquity to hire fresh talent to help align their people strategy with their new vision as part of their HR transformation project.

However, Peeq’s contact at Ebiquity (CPO – Chief People Officer) was offered an amazing opportunity elsewhere and consequently resigned toward the start of our recruitment process.

This presented an unforeseen challenge as the CPO, that three of the four hires would report into, hadn’t joined the business…

Ebiquity’s CEO was keen to prioritise these HR hires to avoid any disruption to the business and workforce. As an organisation with a fantastic reputation, built on transparency and honesty, the wellbeing of their people is a high priority.

It was therefore important for us to focus on the benefits of joining a business like Ebiquity in the absence of a line-manager to ‘sell’ to two of the hires.

The third hire was able to meet the new CPO during the recruitment process before both individuals had joined the company. This was a huge help.


Peeq was retained to fill 3 of the 4 vacancies meaning that the roles became our number one priority. We were totally dedicated to making the hires and, because the roles were retained, we could apply ample resources to get to success as quickly as possible.

We were also able to offer a multi-hire discount to ensure the price point was highly competitive.

Our multi-hire solution prevented Ebiquity from increasing their workload by engaging numerous recruitment agencies at the same time.

Meaning that fragmented conversations, repeat briefings and disjointed processes were all eliminated.

The final piece of the puzzle was having to hire two Talent Acquisition (TA) professionals during a time when great TA candidates were in short supply, came with hefty price tags and when there were LOADS of other great TA jobs in the market.

In short; it was really really hard to identify, attract and place awesome TA candidates during this time.

We knew we’d need to stand out amongst the other TA opportunities to attract the right candidates. We therefore created a landing page to promote the opportunity which included a video from the former CPO and provided unique insights into the role and business.

This helped differentiate Ebiquity and enabled us to provide a small selection of high quality candidates.


Opportunity Views
Candidate Applications
Average days Fill Time
Project Duration (Months)

This success wouldn’t have been possible without Ebiquity’s full collaboration and commitment.

They were open-minded when it came to considering candidate backgrounds, took our advice on the best talent to meet (even if some weren’t ‘obvious’ fits…) and gave thorough feedback throughout.

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