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Zurich, Switzerland




Zurich, Switzerland


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Thank you for your interest in our Director of Talent Acquisition role and for taking the time to explore an opportunity with On.

We’re currently one of the fastest growing sportswear brands in history – and we’re not planning to slow down any time soon so we’re looking for the right talent to join us on this exciting journey.

This role is not just another job; it’s a journey into the heart of our business, offering a chance to shape and drive our global talent acquisition strategy.

As part of our leadership team, your impact will be felt across our teams in EMEA, the Americas, and APAC, as you foster relationships, implement innovative approaches, and leverage data-driven insights to revolutionize our practices.

We’re searching for someone with a true vision for talent and a deep understanding of our business that spans beyond just recruiting. Your commercial acumen, experience in dynamic environments and energy will be crucial in this role. You’ll be leading a talented team, inspiring them to adopt best practices, champion diversity, and attract top-tier talent.

If you’re ready to join us in shaping the future of talent acquisition and make a profound impact on our brand, we warmly invite you to explore this opportunity.

Your expertise and passion could be exactly what we need to propel us to the next chapter of success.

Many thanks,


Noa Perry-Reifer
Chief People Officer


Role overview

The Director of Talent Acquisition plays a crucial role in shaping the company’s talent acquisition strategy. This position will lead the talent acquisition function globally, crafting and executing innovative recruitment strategies that align with On’s rapid growth and evolving business needs. The successful candidate will need to demonstrate a deep understanding of diverse global markets and adapt strategies accordingly.

This role requires strong leadership qualities and will set high standards and benchmarks that foster a culture of excellence and continuous improvement. They must also be adept at building effective partnerships with stakeholders, ensuring alignment of recruitment strategies with broader business objectives.

The successful candidate will thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, whilst staying ahead of industry trends and continuously enhancing On’s recruitment strategies.

This role places a significant emphasis on diversity and inclusion, requiring these values in all recruitment initiatives to be championed. The Director of TA will be expected to develop and execute strategies that promote a diverse and inclusive workforce, ensuring that On’s talent acquisition practices reflect the company’s commitment to these principles.

Full JD available if progressing

Your mission

Key features of the role

Office Location

You will be based full time from beautiful Zurich, Switzerland.

Company Headcount

Excluding their retail stores, On employs c.2000 people globally.

Total Remuneration

Competitive annual salary plus an attractive equity and bonus scheme.

Hours of Work

Flexible; as a global role, may need to adapt to working with multiple teams & regions.

Work Week

You will be expected to be in the Zurich office 2-3 days a week

Annual Leave

Flexible vacation policy in addition to the statutory time off entitlement in Switzerland.

Relocation Package

Financial and practical support throughout the relocation process.

Interview Process

You will be assessed by PEEQ initially, before being introduced to On.

Interview Location

Initial stages are virtual. Finalist candidates may attend face-to-face interviews in Zurich.

The successful candidate will…

Possess a visionary approach to talent acquisition, going beyond traditional recruiting practices.

Demonstrate strong leadership skills, with experience in managing and developing global talent acquisition teams.

Have excellent relationship-building skills, capable of strategically partnering with senior leadership across various business functions.

Show expertise in innovative sourcing and recruiting strategies, particularly for diverse talent.

Be technologically savvy, utilising data-driven insights to innovate talent acquisition practices.

Have a proven track record in leading talent acquisition in a fast-paced, dynamic business environment.

Exhibit high energy and a down-to-earth, team-oriented attitude, aligning with On’s culture and values.

Get to know On

To ignite the human spirit through movement.

These are On’s values – defining the working environment and shaping the team dynamics:

  • Positive
  • Athlete
  • Explorer
  • Team
  • Survivor

Questions and Answers

Where will I be based?

You will be based full time from beautiful Zurich, Switzerland.

What does the balance between home vs. office based working look like?

On’s hybrid work guidelines mean you are likely to be in the office 2-3 days a week, with the rest of the week working from home in Switzerland when not travelling to other office locations.

What are my contractual working hours?

On’s working hours are flexible to allow balance between your work and personal life. Their expectation is that you deliver on your goals as well as be available to interact with your team and stakeholders, who will be based across regions and time zones due to the global nature of the role.

How much annual leave do I get?

Flexible vacation policy means there is no limit to the days off available to you, as long as taking time off makes sense for you, your team and On.

Will I be expected to travel?

There might be a little travel involved in the role but it won’t form an integral part of your job.

Is there a relocation package?

Yes. On offers support throughout the relocation process – both financial and practical. The package will vary from country to country and will take into consideration whether you’re relocating as a family or individual.

Will I be given some flexibility whilst I relocate?

Yes. If you relocate for this role, you will be able to work from home for up to 6 months whilst the relocation is processed.

What’s On's global headcount?

Excluding their retail stores, On employs c.2000 people globally.

How many people would be in my team?

You would have 4 direct reports.

What will the interview process look like?

You will be assessed by Peeq initially, before being introduced to On. If you’re selected by On to progress, you will undertake a combination of one-to-one interviews, case study presentation and panel assessment in a virtual / video setting.

Will any element of the interview be face to face?

The initial stages of the interview process will be virtual. Finalist candidates may travel to Zurich to meet the team face-to-face.

Build the Better You

At On, we take a holistic approach to learning, development, well-being and work – creating an environment where our teammates can thrive and tap into their personal why. 


Self-care and Reflection: We have internal and external self-care programs and mental well-being support available whenever it’s needed – for our teammates and their families.

Rest and Recovery: With flexible vacation and working hours, everyone can switch off at their own pace.


Movement and Action: We embrace the mind-body connection, because making time to move with yoga, hiking or running helps us find our flow – and perhaps a little something more.


Mission and Values: We’re all guided by our values and mission at On – they’re the North Star, keeping us on track. 

Community and Collaboration: The human connection is core to our culture – showing up every day through our Team Spirit, with our external community events, our team days, Inclusion Groups, and buddy system to name a few.

Growth and Development: On is an environment with perpetual growth in mind – constant stretch, continuous feedback, individual development. Anytime Feedback, ‘Radical Candor’, leadership programs and personal learning budgets, we’re invested in giving our teammates the tools to prosper.

About Peeq

Who are Peeq?

Peeq is a boutique HR recruitment agency that specialises in placing mid-to-senior HR and talent acquisition professionals into growth organisations.

Established in 2020 by husband and wife duo Katie and Mark, Peeq provides high-quality recruitment services to Leaders who recognise the value in hiring exceptional talent for their business.

What is Peeq’s relationship to On?

Peeq have been retained exclusively by On to recruit their Director of Talent Acquisition role, managing all elements of sourcing and initial candidate assessment. 

Who at Peeq is managing the search?

Peeq’s Associate HR Recruiter, Anna Davies, is responsible for the management of this search.

Anna Davies

Anna Davies
Associate HR Recruiter

Interested in finding out more?

Email anna.davies@pe-eq.com confirming your interest in the role.

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