Your business is growing. Despite the economic downturn, headcount is increasing and in turn, so is your reliance on HR. You feel the responsibility to nurture the happiness and performance of your workforce.

But will one HR hire cut it? 

Perhaps you’re looking for a double-act to balance strategic planning with day-to-day execution. Or maybe you’ve grown to a point where you need specialist (not generalist) HR experience in a number of key areas. Or maybe you’ve had a couple of untimely resignations resulting in simultaneous HR hiring. Frustrating… but it happens.

Wrapping-up your HR hiring as a project will take away the stress of dealing with multiple agencies, recruiters, and processes, whilst ensuring your candidates (and you!) receive a consistent experience.

You’ll also benefit from our advantageous fee structure. Giving you more ‘bang for your buck’. Who doesn’t like a deal?

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Features you'll love


Economies of scale

Get more 'bang for your buck' by wrapping up your HR hiring into a project, which benefits from our preferential fee structure.


Consistent hiring process

Ensure that both you and your candidates receive a consistently brilliant experience throughout the recruitment process.


One point of contact

Say goodbye to multiple agencies, numerous points of contact and muddled processes. The confusion stops here.

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