Time to Turn Your HR Job Search Strategy on Its Head!

Time to Turn Your HR Job Search Strategy on Its Head?!

If you’re a strategic HR or talent acquisition candidate, it might be time to rethink your job search strategy…

At Peeq, we’ve been reflecting on the stark contrast between how employers search for candidates and how candidates hunt for jobs. The approaches are, quite literally, the inverse of each other!

The Employer’s Approach

Employers typically start their search internally, assessing their existing talent pool for potential fits. They then expand their reach through referral schemes, tapping into their employees’ networks. Only when these internal and referral-based efforts fall short do they post job adverts or enlist the help of recruitment agencies.

The Candidate’s Approach

Job seekers, on the other hand, often begin by applying to roles at companies where they have no connections. Tapping into their own network, if they do so at all, usually happens as a bit of an afterthought.

An Untapped Resource

This insight really resonated with us, particularly as so many candidates have the false perception that by simply applying for roles, they have exhausted all avenues of their job search.

Oftentimes, when we delve deeper, it becomes clear that there is a significant, untapped resource left to explore: their network!

The Power of Networking

Networking is crucial. Applying for jobs directly or through recruitment agencies is important, but these activities should be done in tandem with leveraging your own network.

🖇️ Here’s a practical tip: download your LinkedIn connections into a CSV file and systematically work through them. Reach out to a couple of people per day, focusing on those you enjoyed working with.

Remember, your next role might just be a connection away. By turning your job search strategy on its head and prioritising networking, you might uncover opportunities that were right under your nose all along.

Final Thoughts

Reevaluating your approach can make a significant difference. As strategic HR and talent acquisition professionals, we understand the value of connections and networks. It’s time we applied this understanding to our own job searches. So, start reaching out to your network today—you never know where your next opportunity might come from!

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